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Procedures adapted by hackers for hacking social media accounts

Most people find it hard to digest the fact that, their social accounts are vulnerable to trespassing and hacking, resulting in neglecting the security threats posed by regular updating of their accounts and programs. However, hacking of social media accounts, irrespective of whether celebrities or common men, has become a common practice of late. And, most of the times it is the casual approach adapted by the account users, which leads to data and monetary losses due to hacking.

According to research and survey, hackers are not refraining in investing huge amount of efforts, time and money in finding new ways and methods, when it comes to hacking and breaking into other people’s accounts. Of late, there are growing instances of social media accounts like FaceBook, SnapChat and Instagram accounts being hacked by cyber criminals.

One of the most common methods used by hackers for illegal entry into social media accounts is by using keylogger. These are a type of malware programs which allows hackers to record each and everything which the account users type on their keyboards. Keylogger programs are very much effective in detecting passwords, credit card data and passwords. While, more and more malicious hackers are making use of keylogger programs for their selfish motives, it is finding the way to download the program into your device which comes as a difficult part for the hackers.

Procedures used by Hackers

Following are some of the commonly used procedures and strategies by the hackers for hacking into social media accounts.

. Trapping account holders by sending phishing email with malicious attachments.

Infecting your website with malicious codes, resulting in, malicious software, automatically, getting downloaded onto your device or PC.

. Tricking account holders into accepting and approving malicious download by clicking on a malicious link on a pop-up or website.

Another method used by hackers is sending phishing emails to account holders which trick them into revealing their passwords or OTPs by clicking on the malicious links. The process of sending phishing emails involves sending fake emails through a trusted website namely Google or Yahoo. Phishing emails are similar to genuine emails in appearance and hence have the account holders submit their personal details to the hackers.

In order to keep your social media account protected and secure, following are some of the safety measures, which one needs to adhere to.

. Conduct monetary transactions only through secured networks

. Avoid opening emails send from unverified sources irrespective of however lucrative the offer is

. Refrain from storing personal details or passwords on devices which are not owned by you

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