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How Hacker Hack Facebook Pages?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, which connects people for better communication and business as well. Hacking Facebook pages is never an easy task for any hacker as the platform follows layers of security and strong software to ensure user security.

Along with the appropriate security arrangements, hackers get success in hacking Facebook pages in different ways. The programming skills make it possible to crack the security walls.

But, do you know how certified hackers hack Facebook pages? Here we have mentioned the top ways below that a hacker uses to hack Facebook pages. It will definitely satisfy your curiosity.

1.    Saved browser passwords:

Whenever people log in to their Facebook account in PC, laptop, or other devices through a browser, it always recommends saving username and password for better future experiences. It makes it easier for hackers to decode the password of your Facebook account. They pick the saved password from the browser and get the job done.

2.    E-mail ID hacking:

E-mail ID hacking is one of the common or easiest ways to hack a Facebook account for hackers. The hacker just need to do is access the e-mail account, which is connected with a Facebook account they want to hack. Using the e-mail ID, they can easily reset the password for the account and create a new password.

3.    Mobile phone hacking:

Smartphones have become one of the convenient ways to access the Facebook account for the users. They can download the application in the device and stay login all the time. If the hacker successfully gets access to the user’s mobile phone, then he can easily hack the Facebook account of the user. It is one of the effective techniques of hacking.

4.    USB hacking:

USB hacking

USB hacking is also a way to hack Facebook pages. In this method, the hacker needs to access the device of the user physically. If the hacker gets access to the user’s device successfully, then he can easily steal all the data by using USB pre-installed with key logger malware.It allows professional hackers to get all the stored information.

5.    WiFi network hacking:

The hackers can target the Wi-Fi network as well to hack the Facebook account of an individual. In the present time, the Wi-Fi has become essential for every place. The hackers crack the security of the wifi network and create an entrance. It allows them to access the information, which is getting transmitted over the internet by the user.

6. Session hijacking:

The HTTP connects are one of the best ways for hackers to hack Facebook accounts. A hacker can initiate session hijacking to steal the Facebook data of the users. They try to steal the user’s browse cookie during session hijacking, which allows them to access the user’s account successfully.

7. Social engineering:

Social engineering is one of the easiest and effective ways to hack a Facebook account. A lot of people use their basic details including DOB, mobile number, name to create their Facebook account password. These types of simple passwords are easier to decode for hackers.

A noob hacker can guess the password of the user by following their personal details with the help of their account and access the Facebook page in an easy way.

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